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 ====== C and C++ ====== ====== C and C++ ======
 +====C++ Interview questions====
 +I was given a pop quiz by a non-tech interviewer once on c++. Here was his questions:
 +  - What is the name of an invalid pointer? ​
 +      - Weird question and I don't think it's right. Answer he was looking for was null.
 +  - What is the difference between a struct and a class? ​
 +  - What is the keyword to deallocate memory? Lol
 +  - When using a new keyword where is the memory stored, stack or heap? Heap OBVI.
 +  - If a program crashes and you have a core dump and debugger, what is the first thing you do? 
 +      - Look at a backtrace, see where the program crashed, look at what the variable were.
 ===== General C++ =====  ===== General C++ ===== 
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