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 Check out our {{ ::​seed_deck_r14.pdf |seed deck}}. Check out our {{ ::​seed_deck_r14.pdf |seed deck}}.
 +{{ :​stocker.png?​600 |}}
 +Stocker was to be a technology company creating an autonomous truck that is built from the ground up for city freight. The goal was to limit the scope of an autonomous truck to only operate in select truck routes in cities that could service thousands of customers. ​
 +The approach was to designing self-driving technology for a use case that needed it, and in a scoped way to increase the chance of success. We pitched to many VCs in 2018 but it was becoming clear that billions of dollars would be required for this technology before it would make a dollar, and we weren'​t able to secure a round.
 +While trying to raise a seed round for Stocker, the Primo robot was built as a tech demonstrator. [[primo_robot|Check it out here!]]
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