I use a Synology DS416j NAS. It's great.

I run some backup rsync tasks using the Diskstation task scheduler.

One very annoying thing is that you have to set the command to be run as:

bash /volume1/path/to/command.sh

Do not try to manually set the job as cron. Diskstation has its own very weird way of handling cron, so best use the interface.

SSHFS is a little tricky with the Diskstation because of the contrived way Diskstation handles paths. Run the following:

sudo sshfs -o allow_other,IdentityFile=/home/paul/.ssh/id_rsa paul@disksta:/homes/paul /home/paul/diskstation

When adding a new user I have to enable ssh for that user. See this.

  • Add the new user in the web interface
  • Enable the user's shell.
  • Assigned to the administrator group. The keys won't work if assigned to the user group.

To add ssh keys you need to do the following:

There is a bunch of stuff you have to do get the synology to accept keys. Follow this tutorial link.

Login as admin using the admin password. Type sudo -i and then enter the admin password. You will be root. The reason for this is because DSM 7 update disabled logging in as root.

Use RSA keys with the synology, DSA keys gave me trouble and I think are deprecated.

When you make ssh keys that don't have a default name you have to add them so that they get used by ssh when you're trying to ssh into that server. So, use ssh-add which adds a line in the .ssh/config file.

If you get into trouble you can do two things. Run the ssh command with the verbose option, so ssh -v, or go into the server and look up the logs. The ssh logs are in: /var/log/auth.log

Lucas helped me set up a synology webserver to put all the html files generated by vimwiki on there.

We first tried just installing the apache package but we then realized that it is designed to work with the web station synology package. After installing that, we set it up with Apache 2.2 (he changed some settings messing with Apache 2.4 and it stopped working even after an uninstall).

He then set up a working directory for the html files which are at:


He then set up a .htaccess and a .htpasswd file with a password we generated and now the whole site is locked with this password :).

Read about it here.

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