Motor Controllers

The motor controller used in the LTP was a Pololu DRV8801 Single Brushed DC Motor Driver Carrier (link).

It is an 8V to 36V motor controller and can deliver 1A continous. It only needs two lines of IO and is controlled by a PWM output.

A 32 KHz PWM signal seems to work just fine. elow 300Hz looks really jittery.

The motor controller used for the RoboDolf was an RoboteQ MDC1230 1X80A Single Channel Brushed DC Motor Controller. It was controlled via serial and had an onboard firmware that had its own scripting language. I used in an metal IP68 housing and had no troubles with cooling.

During my Stevens work I made extensive use of Maxon Motor and the EPOS2 brushless controllers. They are absolutely awesome! Auto-tuning, all kinds of homing methods, CAN, USB control, inputs/outputs out the butt, different operating modes, you name it.

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