PCB Manufacturers

The following are notes of various fab houses I've used.

That's a video of me hand assembling a Nixie Ramos from a PCB Cart board.


I've used ITEAD studios for PCB production (gold and hasl) and also used their stencil making service. Great quality and I've received boards same week for crazy cheap.

Here's an ITEAD invoice to see how cheap they are.

Here's a really nice ITEAD board.

Sunstone Circuits

I've used Sunstone at Stevens because they are American based for ITAR work. Example order:

Sunstone partners with Screaming Circuits for a rapid PCBa service.

PCB Cart

I used PCB card to do the thousands of boards for Ramos. They did my panelized boards for the LED Ramos, Nixie Ramos, Defuse Panel and other supporting boards. Cheap, quick and great quality.

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