The RoboDolf is an electric robot boat designed to conduct acoustic dolphin research in Belize. Acoustic and visual recording of dolphins is conducted to study dolphin vocalization gain insights into complex dolphin socialization. A robotic boat platform that was silent and had minimal visual impact on natural dolphin behavior was required, and drove the specifications for the RoboDolf. It was built for Rockeffeller University doing a joint research project with Hunter.

I built it around 700 hours and coded a ROS like subscriber-publisher node system using the actor framework in LabVIEW. After this project I started using linux and ROS and haven't looked back :).


Check out the following links for more info:

  • RoboDolf Software github repo link.
  • Preliminary Design Review doc link.
  • Field test report link.
  • RoboDolf CAD Model link.
  • Video: RoboDolf Drone Boat - Part 1 link.
  • Video: RoboDolf Drone Boat - Part 2 - LiFePO4 Battery Box link.
  • Video: RoboDolf Drone Boat - Part 3 - Thrusters link.

Thanks to Dr. Marcelo Magnasco for making this project happen!

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