Vim Wiki is the most awesome note taking app ever.

To search all files of current wiki use the the VimwikiSearch command:

:VWS /pattern/

Then open a window to display the location list for the current window.


Commands sheet:

/w/w     " Make new entry for today, or go to today's entry
/wi      " Go to diary index
/w/i     " Rebuild diary index

To insert my formatted date code as a header in a diary entry:

put =strftime(\"= %Y-%m-%d %A =\n\n== TODO ==\n\n== Day Log==\")

Publishing Vimwiki

Syncing VimWiki with a webserver is done via a shell script that generates html files for all the entries and then pushes them to the webserver via rsync.

vim -c "VimwikiAll2HTML" ~/vimwiki/ -c "q"
rsync -avz -e  'ssh -v -i ~/.ssh/paul-diskstation'  \
    ~/vimwiki_html/*                                \
    disksta:/volume1/data/paul_web --delete

This script is loaded as a cronjob with the following line:

*/1 * * * * ~/paul_scripts/
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